Benchmarking paid speaker fees by opinion leader specialty

Benchmarking paid speaker fees by opinion leader specialty

Sponsored speaker events remain an effective component of pharmaceutical marketing, particularly in building awareness around a new drug launch or clinical data release.  While industry standards point toward an average fee of ~$1,750, we’ve found a considerable range amongst specialty areas.  Using the MDDetails platform, we analyzed over 200,000 paid speaker fees in 2014 and have summarized findings below.

speaker fees


Note: The red hashes indicate median spend per speaker, whereas the vertical bars represent the range between 25th and 75th percentiles.

The underlying dynamics at play here are multi-factorial, however it is clear that intensely competitive markets with a concentrated prescriber base (e.g., oncology, urology, gastroenterology) tend to skew toward the higher end of the spectrum.

How we can help: In addition to identifying and characterizing potential speakers within a therapeutic area of interest, MDDetails can provide an informed perspective around fees and overall event budgeting.