U.S. Sales Force Estimator

U.S. Field Sales Force Estimator

Our sales force sizing tool provides an annual estimate of deployed resources based on company-reported data. Need more perspective on promotional activity for a specific product? View our promotional audit reports.

Data Sources and Methodology:

MDDetails leverages physician payments data made available through CMS Open Payments.  This data set captures all transfers of value (e.g., speaking fees, consulting fees, travel, education, and meals) made on behalf of a drug or device manufacturer to a physician.  Currently, 30 months of longitudinal data is available – covering payments to more than 800,000 U.S. healthcare professionals.

In order to determine field force size, a rolling average function was applied to company reported promotional activity levels on a weekly basis. Furthermore, a set of product-specific sales force efficiency coefficients were applied to adjust for company size, product maturity, co-promotion, and geographic distribution.  In order to further validate our approach, MDDetails estimates from a diverse cohort of 30 products were matched to company reported figures.